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Nepal surprises travelers with its beautiful landscapes, picture-perfect sceneries, majestic forests, age-old history and civilization and rich culture. The lush forested hills, mighty mountains, and fast-flowing rivers hold their specialties, mesmerizing thousands of visitors from all over the world. The country is also a perfect destination for adventure junkies. Moreover, the ancient forts, palaces, monasteries, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites are very popular among the tourist from the globe. 

Touring the country is a perfect way to savor its beauty. You can take your time to look around the picturesque views of the mountain ranges. Also, you can experience the local culture of communities hidden among the hills and the Himalayas. Most of all, you can have the glimpses of incredible history, civilization, arts and architectures of the country. 

The tour of the UNESCO World heritage sites of Kathmandu valley will take you to many Hindu and Buddhist temples. You are sure to be mesmerized by the ancient history, scriptures, and monuments dating back to hundreds of years ago in the three durbar squares of Kathmandu valley – Patan, Bhaktapur, and Kathmandu durbar squares. 

The Chitwan National Park, Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, Sagarmatha National Park, the national Park located at the highest elevation of the world and many other religious and cultural sites are there to offer you an astonishing experiences during the visit. 

There are natural and cultural tour options for you to choose from. However, it is no doubt to say that every destination in Nepal will provide you a blend of both nature and culture. One of the most popular tours to the Everest Base Camp Heli Tour gives trekkers a chance to experience both the cultural and natural aspects of the region. You will get to see the breathtaking view of mountain ranges and also experience the culture of the people who live along these rural mountain trails.

The most popular tours packages in Nepal are: Kathmandu City Tour, Kathmandu Valley Tour, Kathmandu Valley Ridge Tour, World Heritage Sites Tour, Pokhara City Tour, Chitwan Tour, Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour, Hindu Pilgrimage Tour, Nagarkot Sunrise Tour and many other exciting tour packages designed according to your wishes. 

While touring in major cities like Pokhara, Kathmandu, Chitwan, Nagarkot and Gorkha, travelers can enjoy first-class luxury accommodation and variety of cuisines, but while travelling off-road or emote areas of Nepal, you have be satisfied with the ordinary foods and local accommodations too. 

Various tour routes in the country are rated easy to difficult. This will make it suitable for people to choose their destination as per their convenience. Also, some may like to enjoy their tour with family and friends while others might be looking for solo adventure with a bit of adrenaline rush. You can choose your adventure destination from the many options available across the nation.

The best time to travel in Nepal is during spring or autumn. Autumn starts between late September and ends around late November. During this time, the days are warm, and the skies are clear. But the tour can be done all over the year.  

You can make a Nepal touring experience a life-time memory with an ordinary to luxury tours to various popular tourists destinations of Nepal. If you are not satisfied with the tours itineraries we design, you provide us the reference of a particular tour package and ask  us to design to meet your needs too. 

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