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Hiring Guide and Porter

Hiring Guide and Porter 

It is mandatory hiring a licensed guide for a trekking trip in Nepal. No trekkers are allowed to enter any trekking regions of Nepal without a licensed trekking leader/guide. There are many popular trekking regions like Everest trekking region, Annapurna Trekking Region, Mustang Trekking Region, Manaslu Trekking Region, Dolpo Trekking Region, Langtang Trekking Region, Kanchnejungha Trekking Region and many other off the beaten trekking regions. for all these regions’ trekking, each and individual trekker has to accompany a licensed trekking guide to do a particular trekking trip in Nepal. 

But in case of hiring a porter, it ups to you. If you think that you cannot carry the stuffs you are carrying in the mountain for the trek at higher elevation, then, you have to hire a porter as well. Or if you think that the stuffs/luggage you are carrying for your trekking trip won’t be stressful for you to carry, then, its fine and you don’t require hiring the porter. But, don’t put yourself in dilemma if you really need porter or not because one you are boarded on the trek, you may not get the opportunity to hire the porter. You may but, it will be very difficult.  So, you need to decide if you need the porter for you to carry your stuffs on the trekking trail beforehand venturing onto the trek. This way will help you to make your entire trekking trip more fascinating, exciting and safer. 

One guide can be shared by even maximum 15-20 people with an assistant guide in the group. If the number of tourists is less than 10, then, a single guide can handle the whole group of t trekkers. In case of number of trekkers exceeded than 10, then, an assistant guide is required to better guarantee the safety and make the trekking trip more exciting and memorable. But, in case hiring porter, one porter can be shared by maximum 2 people. Actually, it is the government rule that one porter maximum weight limit carriage is 18-20 kg. So, if two people have just 10 kg stuffs each to carry in the mountain for their trek, then, they can share the same porter, otherwise, if the weight exceeds than 10 kgs, you have to hire a single porter for you. It’s their right to carry the right weigh with right payment and other facilities. 

The government of Nepal, Ministry of Tourism has clearly announced in the year 2021 that no solo/individual/group trekkers are permitted to enter into any trekking regions of Nepal without hiring a licensed guide. So, it is mandatory to hire a trekking guide for your trekking trip in Nepal. 

Why hiring guide and porter? 

There are a few but very important reasons for hiring a guide and porter for your trekking trip in Nepal. Let’s see them one by one. 

1. For Safety 

If you are trekking with a licensed and professional guide and porter, you feel safe and risks-free throughout the trek. You are instructed different kinds of things to apply during a trekking trip in order to make your trekking trip risk-free and comfortable. You are inspired and encouraged by your guide and porter in case of difficult moments on the trail. Also, you are fed with important tips of avoiding/preventing/ safety measures/ cures of acute mountain sickness if you are going to higher altitude in the mountain. This way, the guide and porter will make your trip safer and risks free. 

2. For Better Arrangement 

Hiring Guide and porter will get your trek better arranged and managed. The trekkers themselves don’t need to panic about the arrangements of meals and accommodation. They will manage them very well so that you can have some relaxed time during the trek. It’s your trek and you should enjoy it and rest of the tasks will be handled by your guide and porters. Do not let yourself be panic-stricken. Get relaxed and enjoy your trekking trip. 

3. For better experiences 

If you go on a trekking alone or independently, then, you may not be familiar with the things you want to explore. It means, if you hire a guide, he/she can tell you all required information about local culture, people, flora and fauna and the mountain peaks. This way, you will know the trail in better way and the experiences you get from the trek will hugely delight you provided that you hire a professional and licensed trekking  guide for you trekking trip in Nepal. 

4. For better Communication 

One of the main causes of spoiling your trekking trip in Nepal is that the guide you hire does not understand the language you use perfectly and there is misunderstanding between the trekkers and the guide. So, if you hire a professional and experienced trekking guide with competent language proficiency, definitely, your trekking trip in Nepal is going to be a perfect because it is said that if a communication between trekkers and the guide is good, the trek is good. Since you cannot talk to the fellow travelers and the local people with such kind of familiarity as you talk to your trekking guide 

Hiring A Graded Guide for Trekking and Tour

We offer only A and B graded guides/leaders for trekking and tour. We don’t have any unprofessional and unskilled/untrained guides to offer for you. It doesn’t mean that we are indifferent towards the beginners. We hope they will grow up and meet the target we want and we will offer them as A Graded and B Graded guide/leader to you.

Hiring A Graded guide will defiantly enhance your entire trek/tour program to more enlightened and comfortable and advanced. Since the A Graded guide/ leader possess tremendous skills and knowledge about a particular tour and trek package and you will be blessed with the information and the reliable, authentic and prompt leadership he/she imparts to you. So, we recommend you to go with first class trekking or tour leader/guide for your choice which can completely be dependable and trustworthy. Again, we are not indicating that the other grade guides are not to be used/hired.

The cost of hiring A Graded guide per day will be: USD 40. This cost includes guides salary, insurance, meals and accommodation, personal expenses, personal clothing and transportation. Only the extra you have to do is the tipping if you are satisfied with the services he/she offered during the trip. 

Hiring B Graded Guide for Trekking and Tour

Hiring B Graded Guide for Trekking and Tour is also possible with us. We also have both graded ( A and B) guides to offer for your trekking and tour in Nepal. Hiring B graded guide doesn’t mean that you are going to spoil your tour or trekking trip in Nepal. They are equally competent and professional to their assigned duties during the trip to satisfy their clients. The language skills, knowledge about local culture and lifestyle of the people, flora and fauna and mountain peaks will be very comprehensive with them but they may have lesser years of experience. That’s the only lack they have. Otherwise, they will lead you successfully through the towns and Himalayas of Nepal.

As a matter of fact, majority of trekkers/tourists go with B Graded guide for their trekking and tour trip in Nepal as they are a bit economical but equally accountable and reliable.

The cost of hiring B Graded guide for your trekking and tour trip in Nepal will be USD 35  This cost includes guides salary, insurance, meals and accommodation, personal expenses, personal clothing and transportation. Only the extra you have to do is the tipping if you are satisfied with the services, he/she offered during the trip.

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