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Off the Beaten Paths

Spread throughout Nepal, are countless challenging trails which will take your breath away. Among them are many hidden mountain trails yet to be discovered. These challenging trails lie mostly in the secluded mountain regions, which still hide an air of mystery and countless adventures. You will come across numerous areas where rarely any footprint has found its way there. Along with many settlements that are drawn away from the bustling city, and capture the hearts of travelers with open eyes and their unique culture, traditions, and festivities.

The specialty of off beaten treks is their secularity. Different from the popular trekking routes that gather thousands of travelers in peak seasons, the off-beaten trails are generally less crowded. This gives you the perfect opportunity to travel in peace, away from the crowd of travelers. The wilderness that the mountain region hides among the breathtaking panoramic view can also be enjoyed best through off-beaten trails. Also, the rural communities that rarely get any guests openly welcome you to experience their culture and learn their history, which otherwise may not ever be known to the world.

The thrilling Royal trek, Lower Dolpo Trek, Kanchenjunga Trek, Makalu Trek, Tsum Valley Trek, Tamang Heritage Trail, Manaslu Trek, Upper Dolpo Trek, and Rara Lake Trek are one of the most well-known off beaten trails among the adventure seekers of Nepal. Along with the stunning panoramic view of many mountain regions, you will also get to enjoy the unique mix of Tibetan cultures along with many other ethnic communities who live in these secluded areas.  

Most of the treks are challenging, with steep, slippery trekking routes. Since these routes are not closely monitored like popular trekking routes and are a bit secluded, there might come times where you will have to make way for yourself where there isn't. The trekking trails are graded from medium difficulty to strenuous.

The times when the skies are brighter, and the temperature is warmer are the best to venture around the thrilling mountain trails. September to December (autumn) and March to May (spring) is your best option as the best weather for trekking in Nepal.

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