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Possibility of Scams on Travelers while Travelling in Nepal

Possibility of Scams on Travelers while travelling in Nepal 

Scams are really heinous acts that make the people almost dead though they are alive. However, people do and pass on these scams on travelers from generation to generation. Yes, there, are of course, some dreadful scams on travelers by some deceitful Nepalese people on their clients/guest while traveling in Nepal which the travelers don’t really acknowledge during their travel. But, some people take it naturally because somebody always  looks for such kind of situation where they can get some profit from the travelers. 

There are some people who always look for scams and make a huge profit through it rather than offering best-quality services or products to the travelers. But, this article is not blaming any travel company, representative, guide/leader that they are doing these scams on travelers but making the travelers and travel company aware about that terrible blackmails are going on in Nepal tourism industry. In fact, few years ago, there were some travel/trekking companies who were under investigation on helicopter/Heli scams in Nepal. They, actually, did some fraudulent on travelers during the trip. Unfortunately, the investigation is going on and on………. through international insurance companies came to Nepal and investigated cases. 

Scams are must know things before making a trip to a particular country by the travelers. If they know these things beforehand a trip, they can save a lot of money from fraud activities and the saved money can be used for another exciting trip to another destination. 

There are a few but very tricky scams on travelers while traveling in Nepal. They even don’t notice that they are doing these fraud activities on them during the trip. The major scam activities on the travelers while travelling in Nepal are: 

1,   Possibility of Shopping Scams

2,  Possibility of Helicopter Scams 

3,  Possibility of  Donations Scams 

4,  Possibility of Health Scams 

5, Possibility of Money Exchange Scam 

Possibility of Shopping Scams 

Travelers/tourists, of course, do shopping to get some souvenirs for the family and the loved ones. During the travel, if anyone else is obliging you to get the things they are selling by force, then, the travelers must think that there must be scam on shopping. But it doesn’t mean that every shopping is a scam. When someone is compelling you to get the stuffs though you don’t really want it for you, then, that is a scam. This kind activities are done while taking the tourists for shopping or getting the things they require.  It will be like this because some treacherous people can sell the things on good profit and they can celebrate the moments. If they help selling the stuffs, then, they will offer them some part of profit or something like that. So, they may force you to get the things though you don’t really entertain them. 

However, you can get the things you want at your free will. Don’t get sacred that in every shopping, there will be scam. Get the things you really want and don’t let your money wasted like the pouring water in the dry sand. 

Again, this article is not to discourage the travelers to buy the things they want but of course making them aware about the scams and make sure that these scams won’t take place while travelling in Nepal. 

‘Go shopping, take your time and enjoy getting the stuffs you really want not by force but at your free will'

Helicopter Scams/Heli Scams

Helicopter Scams is also known as Heli scams. Actually, in the recent past in Nepal, different helicopter scams were carried out and the travel companies made a huge cheat on travelers for their profit. They collected massive profit. Even the international insurances companies went to Nepal to investigate the cases for Heli scams in Nepal. But, it’s been 2-3 years, the investigation team has not revealed the reports.

1. How Heli/helicopter scams are done?  

Some travel companies may charge you just a little money for your trip in the mountain and you are very happy with it that you saved your money. You even compare the cost with the offered prices by other companies. But, there may be a hidden interest or selfishness of the travel company. That may be asking you to use helicopter either on returning or getting to the trailhead from Kathmandu. Mostly, it is done while you are returning back to Kathmandu from you final destination of the trip/trek. You even may be forced to use the helicopter during the return from the trek. If anyone is compelling you/trickily convincing to use helicopter on your return back to Kathmandu, you should be careful about it. 

However, if you want to use it and enjoy the helicopter flight while returning or want to witness mountain panoramas with helicopter flight, it’s ok. You can go with it. But, if you are forced to do it, then, simply, try to avoid it and report it to the concerned authorities. That’s a scam. That’s actually a Heli/helicopter scam. 

Again, it doesn’t mean that every helicopter tour/flight is a scam. Thousands of people love doing Everest Base Camp Trek and Helicopter Tour, Annapurna Helicopter Tour and Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour at their free will. These helicopter tours in Nepal will be the most mesmerizing tours. Go for it at your free will and celebrate the moments but not through scams. 

2. More about Heli/Helicopter Scam……..

Sometimes, what happens during the trip which you cannot even imagine? This very interesting secret about heli/helicopter scam is all planned. It may happen like: sometimes, you may have some minor problems during the trip in the mountain and someone may provoke you and gets you scared by brainwashing you that that is a severe case and you have the be rescued by helicopter at any cost, otherwise, you may be warned that you may have to bear all the consequences. And you are persuaded that your travel insurance will cover all the expenses and you don’t need to panic about it. This way, if someone is planning and then you notice it, then, it will be another way of Heli/helicopter scam on your trip so that they can have a hay day with a good profit from you. Actually, it was in practice in the recent past in Nepal. So, we are alerting you to avoid this kind of helicopter scam while you are traveling in Nepal.

However, if the case of your rescue and sickness is genuine and, then, go for it in no time. You must be able to recognize the case whether is genuine or not. If you are really feeling worse and weaker, then, of course you need to be rescued by helicopter and, simply, go for it and save your life. If you have life, you have everything. So, every helicopter flight is not a scam; it may even save your health and life too. So, it entirely ups to you. 

Donations Scams

You may be brainwashed or strongly convinced with such instances of needs of donations in some areas/sectors of Nepal, if it is really authentic and much needed, then, go. Otherwise, just try to avoid it. 

Actually, some people are always looking for some donations from the tourists to supply their needs and make some profit in the name of donations to the needy people. They will be mediator and make a huge profit of it. 

People may show you some instances of donating areas like poverty, education materials and scholarship, sanitation, nutrition and skill development. But it doesn’t mean that these cases are always scams but, they are sometimes, genuine cases which need your help. However, they may ask you to donate some fund for unnecessary things which makes only the certain/limited people benefited. This kind of cases may take place while traveling in Nepal on you too. So, you have to be very careful about it. They may cheat on you that the donations are very much needed and you must do it at any cost. Identify the authenticity of the case and then only go for the donations. 

Nevertheless, since Nepal is a poor country, some donations much needed for the people. Even a tiny help can, sometimes, bring a huge change in somebody’s life. So, don’t take all kind of donations as scams while travelling in Nepal. Some tourists have built schools, library, helped in sanitation, plantation and even in the health sectors and the local people are hugely benefitted. You can this works freely but be careful while making donation to the people. They may turn into scams and only few treacherous and hypocrites may be profited by the donations you make. 

Possibility of Health Scams 

Sometimes, health scams on travelers may occur while travelling in Nepal. You may have a question, how health scams is done on travelers while travelling in Nepal.

Especially, when you travelers get sick either in the mountain or city, they may be rescued and admitted to the hospital. During their treatment session at the hospital, the hospital team and the rescue team may collaborate and do set up some extra charge on their services and produce huge amount of billing to you because they are sure that your travel insurance will cover all the medicine, rescue and treatment expenses. If you notice that this kind of activity is going on and some people are going to set up these things on you, then, this is an example of Health Scams on travelers in Nepal. Rarely, these kinds of scams are seen in the market and it happened several in the recent past while the Heli scams were in the climax. 

However, every rescue and health treatment is not a scam. It is very inevitable but if anyone tries to cheat you by billing you with unnecessary expenses of your medical and rescue activities, then, you need to be very cautious about them and report it to the consular office or tourist police Nepal. 

Possible Money Exchange Scams 

There are numerous money exchange centers/counters in major cities like in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Nagarkot and many other developed cities. They, sometimes, may cheat you with low rate of exchange than others; go and do the cross check. Or, sometimes, they may give you less money than you must obtain in your hand after the exchange, check it and leave the counter. 

Or, again, if some strangers ask you help you exchange the money for you, don't let them do so, because they may run away with your money. So, you must go by yourself, or tell your guide or tell the trusted travel company to exchange your currency in Nepal while travelling. 

Overcharging the Tourists

Some trekking agencies, but not all, whenever they have the clients they are charging some extra money and as a result  the travelers  are always burdened with some extra payment throughout  ought the tour/trek and they think that these people come to them only once and they want to make as much profit as they want. This trend is there somewhere in Nepali tourism which shouldn’t be done at any cost.

Actually, overcharging is a cheat and deceit to the clients/customers/ tourists that they are not relaxed in the trip as they have to pay overcharged money and they tend to spoil their entire trip in Nepal.  

Some travel/trekking agencies want to hit the 6 and become sixer whenever they get the chance of selling their trips to the clients. You need to know them, especially, those who are doing freelance services to the tourists. Do crosscheck them and identify them and simply aavoid.

How do you know that you are being overcharged?

    • If they don’t give you the details of the cost for each title you are using as service
    • If someone is telling you that the price has gone up hugely
    • If someone tells you that there is always disturbance on a particular service like transportation, accommodation and other things
    • If someone tells you that they have to pay a lot of taxes for government or sth. Else
    • If someone tell you that you may have to add some money on the trip, at the end or in the middle somewhere. 

    Final Words 

    We just want to alert the travelers that these kinds of scams may occur on travelers while travelling in Nepal. However, every kind of tourism activity like donating the needy, rescue activities, treatment and medicines, helicopter tours in Nepal and many other important and inevitable tourism activities are not scams all the time. They are very genuine and authentic for you and for the service providers as well. So, it ups to you whether the case is genuine or scams. 

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