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Top 20 Things to do in Everest Base Camp Trek

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Top 20 Things to do in Everest Base Camp Trek

The trek is treks is Everest Base Camp Trek so that everybody around the wants to do it. The trekking trail located at the highest elevation of the world. Moreover, the massive and legendary trekking trail, Everest Base Camp Trek.

Have you ever been to Everest Base Camp? You haven’t, then try it once and that will be the moment of your lifetime.

Or, if you have been there, then what top things you did during your Everest Base Camp Trek? Have your spend the moments you had very well? Or you missed so many important things during the trip to Everest Base Camp?

Let’s check it now The Top 20 Things to do in Everest Base Camp Trek

01. Click Ariel View of the mountains and landscapes while flying to Lukla

You need to take a short and scenic view from Kathmandu to Lukla airport before you begin the trek formally. This flight will last for maximum 40 minutes provided that the weather condition is okay. While flying to Lukla from Kathmandu, you will see some magnificent views of mountain panoramas and landscapes. Don’t forget to set your cameras towards the views and capture them into it.

02. Explore Lukla Airport and the Lukla Town

The first Himalayan town you get to with a short flight from Kathmandu to Lukla airport is Lukla Town and the Tenjing-Hillary Airport. You will get ready with all required trekking equipment and trekking crew for the trekking to Everest Base Camp afterward. You may not go there for second time. So, you are suggested to explore the Tenjing-Hillary Airport and the Lukla town. What you need to experience in Lukla town are: the local shops/lodges, food items, money exchanges, ATMS, getting Nepali SIM card and friendly and hospitable Sherpa People. If you think you need to get any trekking gear or light food stuffs, don’t forget to pack up them at Lukla. The Lukla airport is known as one of the most dangerous airports of the world. Click some photos of it.

03. Taste Bakery Items in Phakding

Phakding is the town next to Lukla on the way to Everest Base Camp. It is 2.30 hrs walk from Lukla after your short and sweet flight from Kathmandu. This is the first day walk for your Everest Base Camp trek through country settlements and pine forest.

Actually, Phakding is a local town with several lodges/guesthouses inducing some small shops. You can get some souvenirs if you want. More importantly, you can enjoy very authentic bakery items here. You can rejoice the bakery with the sips of coffee on this first day trek in the cold evening. It is sure that once you try it and you will be bound to take the bakery of Phakding again while you return back from Everest Base Camp Trekking trail.

04. Click the photographs of Monjo/ Jorsalle, the entry point of Sagarpatha National Park

Further, you will trek to Namche via Monjo/Jorsalle from Phakding on the second day trek. Before you get to Namche, you get into Sagarmatha National Park via Monjo/Jorsalle. Monjo/Jorsalle is the entry point in Sagarmatha National Park. You will be excited to get the entrance into the world highest national park. You will have a short halt here for around 10 minutes to get your Sagarmatha National Park Permit checked by your guide/leader. During this time, we suggest to click the photo of Monjo/Jorsalle along with the board of Sagarmatha National Park. You will keep it as memory that you have been to the highest national park of the world. This click will remind you that you are in the Sagarmatha National Park while you are on the way to Everest Base Camp and back to Lukla and you are made aware that you have to preserve the ecosystem of this national park very well. We Haven Holidays do not harm and ask our clients not to harm any flora and fauna during our Everest Base Camp Trek, Everest Luxury Trek, Everest Base Camp with Helicopter.

Also, you will try to capture and find the wildlife that are found in Sagarmatha Nationa park after you click this photograph at Monjo.

05. Visit Sherpa Cultural Museum and Attend Evening Tibetan Saturday Market at Namche

When you are at Namche don’t miss to visit Sherpa Cultural Museum. The museum has got so many valuable assets like the statue of Tenjing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillar, the first men to scale Mt. Everest. Moreover, it has got several Sherpa cultural, historical and religious things to observe.

Next, allocate sometime for observing Saturday Tibetan market in the evening which will be very exciting. You also can get some stuff like clothes, socks, shirts and other items for you that require during the trek or you can handover someone as a memento of Everest Base Camp Trek. Actually, you can get to know the Tibetan Tradesmen doing hustle and bustle at the time to sell their goods there in Namche Bazar. This market is held in an open ground in a specified area only on Saturday. If it is Saturday when you are at Namche Bazaar, definitely, you will observe this market and can get some stuffs you like from it.

06. Ascend up to Hotel Everest View and have some snacks with the View of Mt. Everest

Who will miss this opportunity to ascend up to Hotel Everest View, the hotel located at the highest elevation of the world, from Namche Bazaar during the day of acclimatization and have some clicks of Mt. Everest View and the other neighboring mountain peaks? Definitely, nobody will. So, it is a must thing to make a memorable photograph with Everest View Hotel along with Mt. Everest, the top of the world. Similarly, from Hotel Everest View Hotel, you can see Khumjung Village and Hillary School as well. If you relay have time and interested to go and explore Hillary located at Khumjun Village, you ask your guide to go there and explore the things which will be a testimony for you in your life.

We recommend to have some snacks or light meal or lunch at Hotel Everest View before walk down to Namche Bazaar.

07. Do Meditation and Yoga at Tengboche at least for 30 mins

One important thing that is never noticed by the trekkers on the way to Everest Base Camp and back is Tengboche as an ideal place for yoga and meditation. Tengboche is such kind of place which is surrounded by deep woods of Sagarmatha National Park and has got a holy Tengboche Monastery. The perfect combinations of two things with serene surrounding will make Tengboche a perfect destination for yoga and meditation. Even some trekkers stay one more day/night at Tengboche for yoga and meditation since they find the place very calm and peaceful. So, travelers who are travelling to Everest Base Camp and back are recommended to do at least one/two sessions of yoga and meditations for at least 30 mintes-1 hours that will really empower your being. You will literally feel it.

08. Visit local teashops at Dingbcohe and Taste the local tea and some local snacks( provided that they are fresh and hygienic)

Dingboche is a larger village comparing to other village in Everest Khumbu region. Dingboche is at the point where two trails to go divides; the one trail to go Island Peak and the other one to go Everest Base Camp and Kalapatthar. Trekkers will have a day acclimatization at Dingboche and they will spend this day by exploring the towns. While exploring this local town, you can taste some local food items at local shops or teahouses if you think the food items are fresh and hygienic enough for you. Actually, the foods items there at Dingboche are okay and fresh all the time.

Similarly, Dingboche is the place where trekkers can get suite accommodation after Namche bazaar during Island Peak Climbing or Everest Base Camp Trek.

9. Observe Graveyards before you reach Lobuche and Visit Everest Pyramid/Lobuche Pyramid on the way to Gorekh Shep

Departing from Dingboche through the alpine vegetation and plants, you will happen to observe some holy graveyard sites before you get to Lobuche. You will see numerous graves on the sides of the trail and you will bind to make some pictures. More importantly, there is Lobuche Pyramid or Everest Pyramid on the way to go Gorakhshep. This pyramid is located 5,050 m (16,568 ft.) above the sea level. The pyramid is a popular laboratory and observatory center in Khumbu/ Everest region.

It will be a exciting moments to observe this beautiful pyramid on your Everest Base Camp Trekking Trail and we are recommended to do explore and make some memorable pictures of it.

10. Don’t forget to Capture mighty Khumbu Glacier

You are already in the mighty Khumbu region and it’s your duty to make some pictures of Khumbu Glacier that is fed by the tallest peaks in the world, Everest/ Sagarmatha.

Khumbu Glacier located in Sagarmatha National Park is one of the largest glaciers and one of the major attractions of Everest Base Camp Trek. It is believed that you are not blessed in Khumbu region until and unless you capture some pictures and witness Khumbu Glacier on the way to Everest Base Camp and back. You can capture the mighty Khumbu Glacier from Kalapatthar as well.

11. Must capture some photos of Yaks (carrying heavy loads on their backs)

Haven Holidays do not harm any animal during the operation of any kind of vacation trip. We do not exploit the animal like making them carry heavy loads like people do for yaks in Everest region. We really do not want this kind of thing. We believe in guaranteeing animals rights. We treat non-humans as we humans. They can enjoy their freedom as we human do.

We suggest you one thing to do during your Everest Base Camp Trek that is to make some pictures of yaks. They are found so innocent into the wild nature. If you find poor yaks carrying heavy loads on their backs, please, ask the owner or the driver not to do it again and try to free them. This is our humble appeal to all the trekkers trekking to Everest Base Camp and walking back to Lukla via Namche Bazaar.

12. Talk to Local Sherpa people, try to know their lifestyles and share your things too

One of the most important attractions of Everest Base Camp Trek is to study about local Sherpa people and their lifestyle. Sherpa are known as brave climbers so that they are hired for climbing peaks.

You can talk to them using English or other languages. They know some words at least and respond you what you want know. You should talk to them and try to understand their lifestyles, cultures and civilization. Exploring this thing about Sherpa will be exciting and interesting for you and can also be memorable.

13. You must capture at least one wildlife picture in Sagarmatha National Park

Everest Base Camp Trekking Trail is based in Sagarmatha National Park, the national park located at the highest elevation of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The presence of alpine wildlife and vegetation make this trip more fascinating. During this exciting trip to Everest Base Camp and Back, you must at least capture of an wildlife, may be a bird and an animal into your camera. But, we suggest you not to harm any wildlife and vegetation during your trip.

14. Capture the photo of the board written ‘Way to Everest Base Camp’ while moving ahead from Gorekhshep

While moving through Gorekhshep, you will see a board displayed with an arrow pointing to Everest Base Camp. Don’t miss it and don’t forget to capture it into your camera. It will be a beautiful memory beforehand you reach Everest Base Camp, the final destination of Everest Base Camp Trek.

After you get to the Everest Base Camp, the final destination of Everest Base Camp Trek, you must at least stop there for 30 minutes and capture the memories that are around you including the Everest Base Camp and Mt. Everest. The Everest Base Camp and the Khumbu Glaciers and other surrounding mountain peaks are majestic to witness and capture into your camera. More importantly, feel the blessing on this probably the biggest adventure achievement in your lifetime. The Everest Base Camp is made more attractive with some colorful prayer flags fluttering and welcoming the trekkers to capture them in their cameras. You will also see the rocks written ‘Everest Base Camp-5364m’. Capture this with your image.

16. Add some stones on the pile or build your own pile of stones at Everest Base Camp for the memory that symbolizes long life and good fortune

You will find and see numerous beautiful tiny stones piled up on the way to Everest Base Camp and even in Everest Base Camp. In Buddhism, it is believed that this pile symbolizes for long life and good luck. So, every traveler who visit the region do like this; either they add some pieces of flat stones/rocks on the existing ones or they build their own pile. It really looks like a castle of rocks. Actually, doing this will be magnificent memory and may the luck favor during your trip into the core mountain region of Nepal.

17. Ascend up to Kalapatthar before sunrise and capture Mt. Everest

Actually, ascending to the climax of Kalapatthar is to witness sunrise and Mt. Everest. So, you are suggested to climb it before sunrise and you can capture magnificent Mt. Everest and other alluring surrounding peaks including mighty Khumbu Glacier. Follow your guide and go up to the top of Kalapatthar and capture Mt. Everest as many times as you want. Capture it in several angles so that you won’t regret late that you could have captured in that way or this way when you return back to Kathmandu and your homeland.

18. Fly back to Lukla with helicopter ( If possible- not mandatory)

Try to fly with helicopter from Kalapatthar to Lukla which will be a distinct experience for the trekkers during their Everest Base Camp Trek. We suggest you to do it because one you are there at Kalapatthar or Everest Base Camp, you will be willing to do it since it lets you escape all the tiring walk down to Lukla via same trail and it will a marvelous experience flying with helicopter either to Lukla or directly to Kathmandu.

Actually, many trekkers choose to fly by helicopter from Kalapatthar or Everest Base Camp after they accomplish their Everest Base Camp Trek. If this recommendation/suggestion is considered as a business policy, it will be wrong. We are not forcing to do it but it is just a piece of suggestion that how you won’t miss this marvelous helicopter flight from Kalapatthar/ Everest Base Camp to Lukla or directly to Kathmandu.

19. Make at least some donations for Local construction ( as you want)

It is suggested to make some donations if it is possible on the trail to the local people and organizations. It doesn’t mean that you must do it but your small help may be a big thing and turning point for the needy people and for the local government. But be alert about the fake people who ask for help and donations during the trek. You can ask your leader or guide before making some donations for local people or local organizations.

20. Buy some souvenirs from Namche Bazaar

This must do thing to do during your Everest Base Camp Trek or you can do it during Everest Short Trek or Everest Luxury Trek as well. Getting something from Namche Baazar is very precious moment and will be a beautiful memento for you and for your family and relatives. You can get to several souvenirs shops located in Namche bazaar and get some items according to your budget. But, don’t get the things haphazardly because you may be enticed by the local tradesman on the trail and they are looking for more profit from you. You first get all the information about the thing you want to get or you can ask your guide about the things you require as memento and get it.

People may recommend the travelers/trekkers doing several different things to do during their Everest Base Camp Trek or other trips in Everest region like Everest Short Trek, Everest Luxury Trek, and Everest Base Camp Trek with Helicopter and Gokyo Lake Trek. So, it ups to you what are the things to do during your trip to Everest Base Camp. You may like to do 10 Top Things to d or 5 Top things to do during you Everest Base Camp Trek. Make the right decision and enjoy it.

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