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Toilet Facilities in Everest Base Camp Trek

1.0.Toilet Facilities in Everest Base Camp Trek

Very basic but one of the most important things to know during your Everest Base Camp Trek is Toilet Facilities on the trail. How the toilet facility on Everest Base Camp Trek is will be a common question with all trekkers who are planning their Everest Base Camp Trek as it directly affects you trip. If you don’t have time and opportunity to do toilet in time you want, your whole immune system will be affected and consequently, you entire trip will adversely affected. Moreover, if you have got some stomach related issues like gastritis or other abdomen problems, you need toilets on time and that will help you be relieved and relaxed during the trip. 

Everest Base Camp Trekking Trail is getting modern nowadays and trekkers can enjoy modern/western commode toilet facilities in few places but largely based on latrine styled toilets. Actually, in lower elevation, in Lukla (2900m) Namche (3400m), Tengboche (2860m, Phakding (2600m) and Dingboche (4400m), people can enjoy modern toilets with good flushing systems but in higher elevation, in Lobuche (4900m) and Gorekhshep (5100m), you cannot have such type toilets because the flushing system for modern toilets are not supported as the water freezes due to negative temperature. This is the main reason you cannot enjoy commode and modern toilet facility while you are approaching Everest Base Camp(5364m) and Kalapatthar (5545m) .

2.0.How is the toilet facility in Everest Base Camp Trek? 

The toilet facility in Everest region ranges from basic latrines to modern commode toilets. As the new generations are primarily luxury seekers, local people in Everest region, on the Everest Base Camp Trekking Trail are facilitating their guests/ trekkers with modern toilet facilities through they are very hard to fetch and maintain. The local guest houses/teahouses/hotels runners have tried their best to maintain the standard of toilet facilities in Everest region to satisfy the thousands of trekkers who for various trekking trips including Everest Base Camp Trek. Actually, previously, camping trekking would be very popular than teahouse trekking and the trekking crew would carry tents for toilets but now every trekking trip in Everest region is based on teahouse stay as it very expensive to carry tents for overnight stay for toilet as well. 

In a particular city, you can find basic to modern/luxury hotels/guesthouses with commode toilets with good flush systems as you wish these days while doing Everest Base Camp Trek. It depends on what kind of facility you want. If you are luxury seeker and you want modern/commode toilet facility, you have to inform your travel partner to arrange such facility for you during the trip to EBC. If you choose to use modern toilet facility with attached bathroom, defiantly, you need to pay some extra for better accommodation. It means, you can go with Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek with all required luxuries you want to enjoy during the trip. 

 You can get toilets facility in Everest Base Camp Trek in every 15 minutes or half an hour. Actually, there are no public toilet facility but the local lodges/teahouses will permit you do toilet during the trip and before using the toilets at local teahouses, ask their permission and also ask your trekking leader to manage it for you. 

From Lukla to Namche vai Phakding, you will have no problem with toilet during your Everest Base Camp Trek because you will get the toilets in every 20-30 minutes on the trail which is maintained by local teahouses. But, while walking from Namche to Tengboche and Lobuche from Dingboche, you cannot get such kind of easy availability of toilets on the trail as the numbers of local lodges are very less. So, while walking in this section from Namche to Lobuche via Tengboche and Dingboche, you’d better do your toilets at the local lodges before your depart in the morning. If you have emergency toilet on the trail, you can ask your leader to manage bush for you. Do not get scared and feel weird about it because only the option you have is bush with you in case of emergency. Carry enough toilet paper with you for a bush toilet in case of emergency.  

And also, you cannot get toilet facility on the section: Lobuche to Gorekhshep and Gorekhshep to Everest Base Camp and Kalapatthar. Again, you have to manage it on your own and you may have to do your toilet in the nature again. Have permission with your guide and manage it. 

Since there are human settlements and toilets in Everest Base Camp and Kalapatthar, you are suggested to manage toilet paper and do toilet beforehand the trek begins for these destinations at Gorekhshep and also requested not to contaminate the nature especially water resources. 

However, fundamentally, toilet facility in entire Everest region or on Everest Base Camp Trekking Trail is based on local latrines where you have to use your own toilet paper/rolls of paper for toilets. Mostly, the trekking companies organize their Everest Base Camp Trek on basic toilet facilities with twin sharing basis accommodation. 

3.0.Are the toilets attached with our bedrooms? 

Normally, toilets are separated with your bedrooms on the Everest Base Camp Trekking trail.  If you choose to do Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek, then only, you will have the attached toilet with your bedroom. For this you need to pay higher. 

If you want know more about Everest Base Camp Trek including accommodation, transportation, trekking permits, guide and porter, you can go through Trip to Everest Base Camp: All You Require to Know. This article will help you prepare your trip to EBC in a more organized way. 

The guesthouses/teahouses/ hotels provide you a common room with twin sharing beds and they will have multiple rooms and all the trekkers residing in the same guesthouse have to use the same toilet one by one. Normally, the toilet is detached and common for all trekkers who are staying in the same hotel. There will one common toilet in a flat of the local lodge/guesthouse and you know how will be the common toilet and needs preparing accordingly. 

In the morning hours, you may have to wait for the toilet, even, sometimes, half an hour waiting for your turn to come. If you feel difficult to wait for your turn to use the toilet, you’d better rise earlier and use the toilet and you can go with luxury Everest Base Camp Trek with all required luxuries you want to have during the trip. Otherwise, you have to bear this inconvenience during the trip to Everest Base Camp and back. 

4.0.How can we get better toilet facility on the trail?

 First, you have to choose better facilitated or Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek to have better toilet facility on the trail. Or optionally, you can ask your trekking leader to manage it for you if you cannot resist using common toilet during the trip. Some trekking leader/guides can arrange better toilet facilities, means, attached toilet with modern flush, commode or western toilet but you must co-ordinate with your trekking leader very well during the trip. But, what you are going to get is normal common and sharing toilet during your Everest Base Camp Trek and prepare for it accordingly. Your trekking leader will try his/her best to provide better accommodation with better toilet facilities, if he/she cannot do it and you are going to use common and sharing toilet, please don’t blame him/her for this. 

You can see and taste your toilet facility on the first stay and if you want to upgrade your accommodation along with toilet facility during your Everest Base Camp Trek, you can ask your trekking leader and for this you should be ready to pay little extra , otherwise, you must go with what is promised beforehand in the Everest Base Camp Trek Package

Or if you think you cannot tolerate the common sharing toilet during your trip to Everest Base Camp, you must decide it prior to the trip begins and inform your travel partner in time and should be ready to pay little more budgets for this upgraded facility. 

5.0. Which places in Everest Base Camp Trek have luxury/modern toilet facilitates? 

You can find modern/western/commode toilet facility in Lukla, Phakding, Namche, Tengbohce and Dingboche in your Everest Base Camp Trek. These cities are located at lower elevation and you can enjoy modern flushing system with good flow of water as the water normally doesn’t freeze. But, you cannot expect and enjoy modern luxurious toilet facilities in Lobuche and Gorekh Shep. It is because high elevation, poor plumbing system and it’s very hard to maintain as the temperature goes negative and the water freezes. As a result, the flushing system will be affected.  

Among the local towns on the Everest Base Camp Trekking Trail, one can enjoy modern and luxury toilet facilities with luxury accommodation in Namche Bazaar(3400m) and Dingbcohe (4400m). These two towns have multiple options of modern luxury accommodation and toilet facilities. So, you can expect a luxury, western and commode toilet facilities in both towns, Dingboche (4400m) and Namche Bazzar (3400m). Besides, you can also get better toilet facilities in the towns like Lukla, Phakding and Tengboche. But, you will only get very basic latrine squat toilet facility in Lobuche and Gorekhshep

You may be wondering to know little more about Everest Base Camp Trek including the very authentic information on Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary, Challenges on Everest Base amp Trek, Top things to do in Everest Base Camp Trek, Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing Cost, Top Ten Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek and also some important FAQs replied on Everest Base Camp Trek, you can find them on google and study passionately and deeply beforehand your Everest Base Camp Trek commences. If spend time on studying these topics, you will settle your 25% Everest Base Camp Trek beforehand the trek commences as you are all set for your trip to EBC

6.0.Day Toilets in Everest Base Camp Trek

You can use the toilets run by the local people on the trail during the working hours in the mountain during your Everest Base Camp Trek. For this, you will have short breaks for toilet, snacks and tea/coffee before you go for lunch. Before you begin the trek after breakfast, you have to go toilet and empty your stomach. This is the best way to begin the work out for the new beginning. If you don’t have that kind of habit, then, you can ask your trekking leader/ guide to use toilet if you want on the trail. He/she will manage the toilet for you requesting with local people and lodges runners on the trail. For this, the most important thing is toilet roll or toilet paper. You must carry enough toilet rolls for your toilets during the day walk. You should pack it at the top most part of your backpack so that it will be comfortable to take it out and use in time. 

Actually, in the cities and facilitated areas, you can find and use the toilet rolls of toilet paper which is fixed in the toilet but you have to carry your own toilet roll in the mountain during your Everest Base Camp Trek. No, toilet rolls will be provided in the toilets by the local lodge runners on the trail and you must prepare enough amount of toilet roll for your trip. 

If you use toilet multiple times a day, then, you, sometimes, may not get the toilet in time. What you can do during the emergency is: you can ask your trekking leader/guide to let you use the bush as your next toilet destination. You may think that it’s weird but its reality and you don’t have option with you and you cannot hold it for longer hours and you must not. 

After asking the permission with your trekking leader, you can go for toilet. Hiring experienced and professional guide also make sure that you will have better toilet and accommodation facility on the trail. While using bush as your toilet, don’t do it near the water resources and residential area. After you do the toilet, you can carry the non-degradable materials and drop in the specific area/ dustbin placed on the trail. Or you can carry them with you till you get to the next lodge or teahouse and you can dispose there. Please, don’t spoil the nature, be nature-friendly, let the nature live naturally. 

If you have menstruation cycle with your during the trip, you can ask your trekking leader us toilet multiple times in the daytime during the walk and dispose the sanitary pads in very specified places. 

7.0.Toiletries for Everest Base Camp Trek 

You require packing certain items as toiletries for your Everest Base Camp Trek. The items are considered important items to be packed and carried for the trip. 

  • Toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Sunscreen
  • Face Towel
  • Head Torch
  • Sunglasses
  • Toilet paper/roll
  • Wet Wipes
  • Biodegradable soap
  • Earplugs
  • Feminine hygiene Items 
  • First Aid Kit
  • Personal medications
  • Shampoo
  • Water bottles
  • Gaiters
  • Hairbrush
  • Lighter
  • Lip balm
  • Nail clippers

For the rest of the wider range of equipment for your Everest Base Camp Trek, you can read the article Trekking Equipment Checklist  and collect and pack all required personal gears and extra spare trekking equipment. 

8.0 How can the trekking leader facilitate the trekkers with toilet opportunities during the trek? 

Definitely, you use plenty of water and liquids during the trekking trip in order keep yourself hydrated, fit and fine. In this case, you may require going toilets multiple times a day and you will be helped by your trekking leader. For example, if you have got some stomach problems like diarrhea and gastritis, you can ask your trekking leader to manage toilet breaks and toilets for you and he/she will do it for you without any hesitation. 

Even in case of emergency, he/she can manage toilet facility during the daytime while walking. If you are really feeling uncomfortable, your trekking leader will ask to use bush as your toilet. At this moment, don’t be awkward, go and do it accordingly. But, remember one thing that is: Don’t spoil the nature for your toilet. Tell your every problem to your Trekking leader during the trip. 

9.0.How to use toilets in the mountain in Everest Base Camp Trek?  

Most of the toilets you are using during your Everest Base Camp will be normal latrine squat. Though you get some modern/luxury /western toilet facilities on the trail, you will largely use very basic and sharing toilet. Therefore, you need to follow some guidelines to use toilet 

1. Use toilets early in the morning, early hours in morning ( recommended)

2. Wait for your turn for the toilet 

3. Read and follow the instructions pasted in the toilet 

4. Put toilet paper in the bin, not in the toilet 

5. Flush it properly after you use it if it is a flushing system 

6. Let the toilet be cleaned for other users 

7. Don’t spend longer time in toilet as it is common and sharing toilet 

8. Report if the your are using is untidy and there are any unwanted things 

9. Ask permission with local lodge owners 

10. Use your own toilet paper ( carry enough) 

10.0.Toilets in Winter in Everest Base Camp Trek   

Toilets in winter in Everest Base Camp Trek are normally frozen due to negative temperature. It’s very hard to use toilet during pre-winter and peak of the winter months in Everest Base Camp Trek. For this, you have to carry enough toiletries to use the frozen toilets properly. If you want to know more about Everest Trek Weather, you can persuse the article Weather in Nepal and take advantage of it. 

You cannot use water for the flush and the wash during your toilet during winter months in Everest Base Camp Trek. You have to entirely rely on your toilet paper and hand sanitizer. So, if you are travelling to Everest Base Camp during Pre-winter and winter months (last of Nov- Dec- Jan-Feb) , you have to carry all required and comprehensive toiletries with your during the trek to make your trip more conformable with comfortable toiletries.  

11.0.Are there toilets at Everest Base Camp?

No, there are no toilets in Everest Base Camp (5364m). Even, there are no toilets at Kalapatthar(5545m). Actually, there are no human settlements in Everest Base Camp. You are not permitted to do toilet here. So that, if want to do toilet, you must inform your trekking leader and do it at Ghorekhshep (5100m) before heading to Everest Base Camp.

In case of emergency toilet while walking to and from Everest Base Camp, you again take permission with your trekking leader and he/she will manage you to it somewhere in the nature permitted that you won’t pollute the water resources nearby and carry all the papers with you and litter them in the bin placed by the local guesthouse/lodge/teahouse.  

12.0.Practice Latrine Squat  before Trekking in Nepal 

Though you get modern and luxury toilets in cities before and after your trekking trip in Nepal, you will largely use common and ordinary latrines. To use these toilets, you have to squat and you had better practice it prior to the trekking in Nepal. 

You may be very familiar and used to with your luxury and modern toilets and you may feel difficult to use the very common and ordinary latrines where you have to squat for your toilets. For this, you may require some practices to be familiar with them during your Everest Base Camp Trek. So, practice squat one month prior to your Everest Base Camp Trek to fit yourself in new toilet system that is common and ordinary latrine squat. 

13.0.Final Words

Basic but one of the most required facilities in your Everest Base Camp Trek is toilet facility. You can expect modern luxury commode to squat latrines in Everest Base Camp Trekking Trail. You require sharing your toilet with other people staying in the lodge and other trekkers trekking on the trail as you have to go with twin sharing accommodation sharing with other trekkers and the other trekkers in your own group. You must follow the proper instructions mentioned in the toilet. Throw toilet paper in the dustbin not in the toilet bin as there is no good flushing system in the local toilets. 

If you want modern and commode toilet facility in Everest Base Camp Trek , you must go with Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek which provides you luxury accommodation with attached toilet facility in your Everest Base Camp Trek

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