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Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing Cost

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing Cost 

Every individual traveler around the world wishes to step at Everest Base Camp (5364m), the highest mountain base camp of the world and set a history in their life. Actually, there are two ways of putting your footsteps at EBC. These are: Everest Base Camp Trekking and Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. Though majority of people go with trekking to Everest Base Camp, some people wish to take helicopter ride to ebc and land there and they want witness Mt. Everest (8848.86m), the top of the world. Those who daren’t walk to Everest Base Camp can choose to fly to ebc by helicopter and experience these marvelous and exciting moments there. Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour is also popular as heli to ebc and heli tour to ebc or ebc heli tour with landing. 

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, in fact, is the most thrilling and awe-inspiring  journey for 2-3 hours from Kathmandu. It takes you just above massive Khumbu region and Everest mountain panoramas and offer a great opportunity to land at Everest Base Camp. While landing, you are given around half an hour to capture and wittiness the most majestic mountain panoramas including Mt. Everest, the top of the world, giant Khumbu Glacier and entire surrounding mountain summits. 

Route Description 

Nepal Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour commences from Kathmandu domestic airport after you are transferred to the airport section of domestic terminal. The flight takes off from the domestic airport and heads towards the northern part of Kathmandu first. You will be able to witness all the mountain peaks which surround the Kathmandu valley and the neighboring mountain peaks near Kathmandu including Ganesh Himal, Manaslu, Langtang mountain range and many other alluring mountain peaks in the clear landscapes. 

The helicopter to Ebc, then, switches its direction towards eastwards where ebc and Lukla is located.

Before, the helicopter heads for EBC, it requires fueling at Lukla. The fueling takes around 15 mins. during this halt at Lukla airport, you can see and observe the Tenzing-Hillary Airport/Lukla Airport(2940m), one of the  most dangerous airports of the world. 

After fuelling, you resume the flight for Everest Base Camp with helicopter directly flying to EBc from Lukla airport. You pass through Sagarmatha National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the national park located at the highest elevation of the world with incredible landscapes and local cities/towns like Phakding, Monjo, Jorsalle, Namche and Tengboche. 

Finally, you land at Kalapatthar/Everest Base Camp within 15-20 minutes after the take off from Lukla airport. 

Landing at Kalapatthar/Everest Base Camp 

You can land either at EBC or at Kalapatthar as you wish. Actually, most of the people love landing at Kalapatthar as it is better viewpoint than everest base camp. But, you still can land at Everest Base Camp if you can; you cannot land at both viewpoints: Ebc and Kalapatthar because it takes more time and it is not good to stay for longer hours at Kalapatthar(5545m) and Everest Base Camp (5364m) for altitude issue. 

Some people may get acute altitude sickness if they stay longer at Everest base camp or at Kalapatthar. It may occur because you go there directly without spending hours and days for Everest Base Camp Trek. It is said and believed that staying more than half an hour is not supposed to be good at Kalapatthar or at Everest Base Camp. 

You can capture the most mesmerizing views of Everest, Pumori, Loat Tse, Nupse and many other alluring and majestic mountain panoramas in Khumbu region of Nepal. Most of the people know Khumbu region as Sagarmatha region around the world. Moreover, you can see and capture mighty Khumbu Glacier and explore Everest Base Camp and Kalapatthar spending few minutes. You will maximum have 30 minutes to explore and capture the views here at Kalapatthar/Everest Base Camp. If you think you are going to have some issues related to acure mountain sickness while landing at Kalapatthar/Everest Base Camp, let you pilot or other crew member know immediately. At this case, you need a immediate rescue to Kathmandu. 

Actually, helicopter landing at Everest Base Camp (5364m) is only possible during the expedition as temporary helipad but not for the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. If you ask a question like can we land helicopter at Ebc? The answer is no because the Everest Base Camp very fragile with the base of Khumbu Glacier and it not possible and permitted to land  helicopter at Everest Base Camp though it is popular as Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with landing. Truly speaking, you land at Kalapatthar and fly just over Everest Base Camp and even above Mt. Everest and other majestic mountain peaks. Therefore, don’t expect to land at Everest Base Camp but you will land at Kalapatthar( 5545m).

How long will be the landing? 

The landing will be maximum 30 minutes. The landing will be at Kalapatthar( 5545m). There is a helipad at Kalapatthar, hill and popular viewpoint near Everest Base Camp which is located just above GorekhShep (4910m) and the helicopter tour to EBC lands there for 20-30 minutes. If the wind is blosing very hardly and it's freezing cold, then, you may stop there at Kalapatthar only for 5-10 minutes. Kalapatthar means black rocks in English. You can find various unique rocks formations and their types at Kalapatthar and most of them are black in color. 

 While landing, you will enjoy the breathtaking views of Mt. Everest and the entire surrounding mountain peaks including Khumbu Glacier. The viewpoint located at Kalapatthar is normally windy and chilling cold. However, you don’t care and you will really love the moments of being at the highest mountain base camp of the world and capturing the top of the world, Mt. Everest. 

You can get all the views captured in 20-30 minutes with your cameras and eyes and need to leave the hill for Kathmandu or for Lukla. Staying longer at Kalapatthar like more than 30 minutes is not recommended as it may be serious issue of the travelers who go there directly at 5545m. Their bodies my not adjust with new elevation which is above 5000 m at Kalapatthar without acclimatization and they may get acute mountain sickness. If they get this issue of acute mountain sickness, they need immediate rescue and they may spoil the entire trip of helicopter tour to Ebc. 

Are there any issues with altitude sickness while landing at Kalapatthar? 

Not actually, but you may have it sometimes. It is because you are going there directly from Kathmandu from the elevation 1300m to 5545m. So, while switching your destination from Kathmandu to Lukla( 2900m) and to Everest Base Camp (5364m) and then to Kalapatthar (5545m). Actually, it is not good to gain more than 4000m elevation at once but you are not going the stay there overnight and stay for several days. You will land there at Kalapatthar and fly above Everest Base Camp and see Everest within 3 hours from Kathmandu. For this, you have to do some regular exercises and enhance your stamina of going to the higher altitude in the mountain with balanced diet and balanced mindset. 

In fact, you don’t need to be very stressful while landing at Kalapatthar to see Everest because you are not going to stay longer there, maximum 30 minutes. However, very few people have some acute altitude sickness related problem like light dizzy, light headedness, tummy related problems and vomiting. However, you don’t need to get scared as you have already helicopter with you and whenever you have these problems at Kalapatthar while landing, you will immediately be rescued even if you have any kind of issue related to altitude sickness. 

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Flight can be a part of Everest Base camp Trek. Sometimes, people prefer flying by helicopter from either Everest Base Camp, Gorekhshep or Lobuche as the trekkers are exhausted of walking and they want comfortable landing back to Kathmandu and also want to save the time for other activities.  Also, if there is an adverse weather condition in Everest region and Lukla, you cannot go with regular Lukla flight and you will have only one option lest in your hand that will be helicopter return back either to Lukla/Manthali or directly back to Kahtmandu. 

Views to See While Landing 

While Landing at Kalapatthar, you can witness the most alluring and fascinating Mt. Everest (8848.86m), Pumori, Loa Tse, Nupse, Makalu and several other snow-covered summits in Khumbu region including mighty Khumbu glacier. You will really be stunned to witnessing all these mountain panoramas including the top of the world, Mt. Everest at once. Your eyes won’t believe that you are stepping at Kalapatthar(5545m) and seeing all awe-inspiring mountain panoramas and glacier all around. You will be speechless and have expression like ‘WOW’ or ‘WAAAUUU’or OMG or YES this is What I Want and Wanted”

You will have maximum time of 20-30 minutes while landing at Kalapatthar(5545m) in Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour. Besides, you can see and capture the Kalapatthar Hill and its surrounding, the combination of mountain panoramas with sky and clouds, the legendary Everest Base Camp (5364m), Gorekh Shep Village (5106m) Khumbu Glacier and entire surrounding of Sagarmatha National Park. 

You can capture as many photos and videos you want while landing at Kalapatthar. We recommend you to celebrate this moment by capturing incredible views of what you want, most importantly, Mt. Everest. We also request you not to spoil the surrounding and the nature while doing these activities at Kalapatthar. Let the nature live naturally and you live in your own way. 

How to prepare for Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour? 

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with landing is the most marvelous, best and exciting trip to do in Nepal while you are in your vacation. You are flying to the highest mountain base camp of the world, Everest Base Camp and witnessing Mt. Everest, isn’t it the most exciting and wonderful moment for you? Yes, definitely but you require some preparations for it. The preparations are like this: 

  • Carry one warm or multi- layer jackets that protects you from strong chilling cold wind 
  • Wear warm clothes and comfortable walking shoes with warm socks 
  • Carry warm water that you require there at Kalapatthar while landing 
  • Carry your personal stuffs and equipment like gloves, cap/hat, sun glasses, skin protection for your face, cameras, smart phones, selfi stick and trekking poles if required 
  • Do not forget to carry some basic medicines for minor stomach and head problem; you’d better carry your First-Aid Kit with you with all required medicines
  • Make sure that you are in comfortable clothing with all required equipment to protect yourself from the freezing cold wind at Kalapatthar while landing there. 
  • Be careful that you are going to Everest Base Camp (5364m) and Kalapatthar(5545m) through Lukla(2900m) from Kathmandu (1300m) and you are making a huge switch in elevation 
  • You can be excited because you are flying to EBC and Kalapatthar to see Everest, the top of the world but you have to be very careful at the same time as you are going to land at 5545m above the sea level. 
  • Check weather condition of Lukla and Everest Base Camp and prepare accordingly. 

How much is Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour? 

After reading the above information about Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour, you must be curious about Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing Cost. 

Actually, there are different costs of helicopter tour regarding the place you choose like: if you choose a full private helicopter tour package to Everest Base Camp from Kathmandu to Kathmandu, it costs USD 5000 and if you choose to do sharing Everest Base Camp helicopter tour joining with other people, it costs 1300 and there will be 5 people in the helicopter. All the 5 people will be sharing the same price that is 1300-1500 and it will be total USD 6500. Actually, the cost may differ according the number of people and the weather condition. The less number and the worse weather the more will be the cost and the more people and the more fair weather, the more less will be the cost of helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp from Kathmandu. and back. 

It's better to learn and know about different costs of helicopter while flying from different places of Everest region. If you have these ideas, if you are doing Everest Base Camp Trek and willing to fly back to Kathmandu or Lukla or Manthali from Everest Base Camp, you can do it easily. So, the costs details are like this: 

Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour Costs Details

Private Helicopter EBC-Kathmandu

USD 5000

Sharing Helicopter EBC-Kathmandu   

USD 1500

EBC- Lukla Private Helicopter

USD 2000

EBC-Lukla Sharing/Shuttle

USD 700-1000

EBC- Mantali Private Helicopter

USD 3500

EBC- Manthali Sharing Helicopter


Lukla- Manthali Private Helicopter

USD 2500

Lukla- Manthali Sharing Helicopter

USD 500

Lukla-Kathmandu Private Helicopter  

USD 2500

Lukla- Kathmandu Sharing Helicopter

USD 500-700

 But if you want to do some other helicopter tours or fights in Everest region during other trips like climbing and trekking, you still have a few choices. The choices are like: if you are tired of working in your Everest Base Camp Trek, you can fly from Kalapatthar/ Ebc to Lukla and take another regular flight to Kathmandu. If you choose doing like this, the cost will be USD 2500 for private helicopter tour and in sharing, it will be like USD 500 and you are going to have some other people to share the same helicopter and it will be maximum 5 people. 

Weight Limit in Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour 

The weight limit for helicopters operating shuttle flights from Lukla to Everest Base Camp varies depending on the specific helicopter model and the operating company. However, as a general guideline, the weight limit for passengers and baggage typically ranges from 400 to 500 kilograms (880 to 1,100 pounds).

Due to the high altitude and challenging terrain of the Everest region, helicopters need to operate within specific weight restrictions to ensure safe takeoff, landing, and maneuverability. These weight limits take into account factors such as the helicopter's fuel consumption, the number of passengers on board, and the amount of cargo or baggage being transported.

Passengers should be mindful of these weight limitations and pack accordingly, considering essential gear and clothing for their Everest Base Camp trek. It is crucial to communicate your approximate weight and baggage requirements to the helicopter company in advance, as they will assess the feasibility of accommodating you on the shuttle flight. Ultimately, adhering to the weight limits ensures the safety and efficiency of the helicopter operations, allowing travelers to experience the breathtaking journey from Lukla to Everest Base Camp.

Flying Back to Kathmandu 

After you have snacks and tea/coffee at Everest View Hotel (3880m), you will fly back to Kathmandu. Before you fly to Kathmandu, there, may be a tiny stop at Lukla to collect the people who are waiting for your shuttle flight or refueling for 10-15 minutes. Ultimately, you will fly to Kathmandu airport through alluring mountain landscapes. 

You land at Kathmandu airport and you will be transferred to the hotel where you stay. If you are staying in Thamel, it takes only 20-30 minutes to get it. Check in the hotel and get refreshed and proceed ahead for other activities.

Some Important FAQs Answered about Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with Landing 

How much is helicopter ride to Everest Base Camp?

Helicopter ride to Everest Base Camp has two different costs for private and sharing basis. The private Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour with landing costs USD 5000 and the sharing helicopter to Everest Base Camp costs USD 1500. In sharing helicopter cost, an individual traveler has to share the helicopter with other 4 people not exceeding the maximum weight limit 500kg. If the weight limit exceeds, then, the helicopter will do shuttle flight from Lukla or from Everest View Hotel and you have to wait for that.

 If you have 4-5 people in a group, then, it will be the best idea to book a private helicopter tour to Everest sharing the total cost USD 5000. Or, if you can collect 4-5 people in a group, you can share the cost USD 5000 and it will be cheaper for you than paying USD 1500 per individual.

 Can you go to Everest Base Camp by helicopter?

 Yes, you can easily go to Everest Base Camp by helicopter within 2 hours from Kathmandu. You can book the Everest Base Camp Helicopter Tour from Kathmandu at least day earlier and can fly via Lukla the next day. You will land at Kalapatthar(5545m) nearby Everest Base Camp for the views( photos and videos) for 10-20 minutes and come back to Everest View Hotel (3880m) and have  snacks there viewing Mt. Everest for the last time before you fly back to Kathmandu during this tour. It means, you can go and  step at Everest Base Camp or Kalapatthar in a couple of hours and come back to Kathmandu by helicopter from Kathmandu.

 If you don’t entertain this idea of flying directly to Everest Base Camp, you can go with Everest Base Camp Trek. Moreover, you can walk to Everest Base Camp and fly back to either Lukla, Manthali or directly Kathmandu by helicopter.

 Is the Everest helicopter tour worth it?

Undoubtedly, Everest helicopter tour is worth doing/experiencing. Actually, you are doing helicopter tour to the world highest mountain base camp, Everest Base Camp (5364m), landing at Kalapatthar(5545m) and witnessing the top of the world, Mt. Everest (8848.86m) and entire massive mountain panoramas. Isn’t it worth doing? Yes, definitely, it’s worth doing and each individual traveler who go to Nepal wish to do it once in their lifetime.

 You may ask why Everest Helicopter tour worth it? It is worth for the following reasons:

  • To step and Everest Base Camp (5364m) and Kalapatthar (5545m) and make a history in life
  • To celebrate aerial views breathtaking mountains panoramas of Nepal especially Mt. Everest
  • To witness Mt. Everest (8848.86m), the top of the world with your own eyes from Kalapatthar, the closest viewpoint to see Everest
  • To enjoy sips of coffee/tea and other snacks at Everest View Hotel (3880m) the star hotel located at the highest point the world
  • To enjoy luxury and comfortability during your Everest Base Camp Tour

How much is the Everest Base Camp Trek return by helicopter?

If you want to return back to Kathmandu from Everest Base Camp after you accomplish your Everest Base Camp Trek when your are tired and wish to escape long hours walk down to Lukla, it costs USD 3000 to fly back directly to Kathmandu and if you want to fly back to lukla from Everest Base Camp, it costs USD 1700. Also, you can fly back to Manthali from Everest Base Camp which costs USD 2000. After you fly back to Lukla or Manthali, you can drive back to Kathmandu avoiding all kinds of flights back to Kathmandu. 

How much is a helicopter ride to Everest Base Camp?

Helicopter ride to Everest Base Camp costs USD 5000 (private) and USD 1500 on sharing. If you and your group (maximum 5) people are planning private Helicopter tour to Everest Base Camp, you require paying USD 1000 which will be cheaper than sharing helicopter to Everest Base Camp from Kathmandu. It means, if you go with sharing basis, the cost will be USD 1500. You will be sharing the helicopter ride to EBC with other 5 people and the helicopter may require shuttle flight to and from EBC if the weight limit (maximum 500kg) exceeds.

The Helicopter ride to Everest Base Camp lands at Kalapatthar flying over EBC and Khumbu glacier for the views. While landing, you can capture mesmerizing mountain panoramas including Mt. Everest, Pumori, Nupse, Loa Tse, Makalu and many other alluring mountain summits in Khumbu region.

The cost you pay for helicopter ride to Everest Base Camp includes all the flights from and to Everest Base Camp, shuttle flights if necessary, stop at Hotel Everest View for snacks (3880m) and pick up and drop to the hotel after you accomplish it.

Also, you can fly to and back from different destinations of Everest region if you want. It means, if you are doing any kind of activities like trekking, hiking etc, you can fly to and back from EBC instantly. 

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