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Everest Base Camp Short Trek Cost

Everest Base Camp Short Trek Cost

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost is determined by various indicators and factors as the trekkers wish to have during their Everest Base Camp Short Trek. And, the cost differs from one itinerary to other and one package to other packages as well. What kinds of EBC ShortTrek Package you want? Accordingly, the cost is determined.

 Actually,  Everest Base Camp Short Trek is customized trekking itinerary from Everest Base Camp Trek full board itinerary like 15/16 days Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary. As the Everest Base Camp Trek can be even done in 12/13 days in as safe way with all required acclimatization days and with right pacing while ascending to Everest Base Camp (5364m) then, why to wait for all 15/16 days? Definitely, you don’t need to have all 15/16 days to do Everest Base Camp Trek, even; you can do it in only 12/13 days. That’s a good news, isn’t it?

Now let’s talk about the highlights of Everest Base Camp Short Trek:

  • Economical and less costly Everest Base Camp Trek
  • Save 2-3 days time in your Everest Base Camp Trek
  • No need to wait to have all 15/16 days for your EBC trek
  • Enjoy marvelous walk through Sagarmatha National Park
  • Acclimatize at Namche Bazaar (3400) and Dingboche (4110m)
  • Witness astonishing Mt. Everest and other adjoining mountain peaks from Kalapattahr
  • Make a history by stepping at Everest Base Camp witnessing mighty Khumbu glacier
  • Enjoy experiencing local Sherpa people’s culture, civilization and food items

Let’s see how long Everest Base Camp Short Trek Itinerary is.

 Day1: Arrival and Orientation 1,320 m and transfer to hotel.

Day2: Fly to Lukla/2840m, Trek to Phakding 2,610m/40 minutes flight 3 - 4 Hours trek.

Day3 :Trek to Namche Bazaar 3,440 m / 11, 286 ft - 06 hrs.

Day4 : At Namche for acclimatization and short scenic hike up to Everest View Hotel (3880 m)

Day5: Trek to Tengboche Monastery (3,860m/12644ft )- 05 hrs.

Day6 :Trek to Dingboche 4,410 m / 14,468feet -05 hrs.

Day7 : At Dingboche rest day for acclimatization AND Hike to Nagarjuna Peak(5080 M)

Day8 :Trek to Lobuche 4,940 m 16,207ft- 05 hrs.

Day9 :Trek to Everest Base Camp 5,364 m/17,598ft and back to Gorakshep 5190m/17027ft - 07 hrs.

Day10 :Climb Kalapathar 5,545m/18192ft trek to Periche 4200 m/13779ft-08 hrs.

Day11 :Trek to Namche Bazaar- 3440m/11286ft via Tengboche - 07 hrs.

Day12 :Trek to Lukla 2840m/9,318ft and transfer to a lodge-06 hrs.

Day13 :Fly to Kathmandu (1320m)

Everest Base Camp Short Trek Elevation Chart 

Everest Base Camp Short Trek Cost Details

Everest Base Camp Short Trek Cost is determined by these indicators: the cost of accommodation, the cost of food and drinks, the cost of required trekking permits, the cost guide and porter, the cost of transportation, extras.  Now let’s see the actual Everest Base Camp Short Trek Cost from each angle of indicators in detail and we determine the final cost.

Along with Everest Base Camp Trek Cost details, you may be interested to know about Challenges on Everest Base Camp Trek, 30 Everest Base Camp Trek FAQS replied, Top 2o things to do in Everest Base Camp Trek and Trip to Everest Base Camp-All You Require to know. If you go through these articles while thinking on Everest Base Camp Trek Cost, they will hugely benefit you if you are really planning your Everest Base Camp Trek next. 

Accommodation Cost

There are two types of accommodation available in your Everest Base Camp Short Trek. They are Everest Base Camp Trek Luxury Accommodation and Everest Base Camp Trek normal accommodation. Actually, in Everest Base Camp Short Trek, one can enjoy true luxury accommodation in two places: at Namche Bazaar and at Dingboche. Otherwise, mostly the accommodation you use during your Everest Base Camp Short Trek will be very similar through you are promised to provide all luxury accommodation all round the trek since luxury accommodation is not possible and not available in other places like Lukla, Phakding, Tengboche, Lobuche, Gorekhshep.

So, if you want to enjoy luxury accommodation during your Short Everest Base Camp Trek Itinerary, one night luxury accommodation will cost between USD 15-20 and the cost of normal local lodge accommodation will cost between USD 5-10. It’s better to go with normal accommodation because all sorts of accommodation during your short ebc trek will be similar.

In luxury accommodation, you can get the suite room all sort of facilities and in ordinary lodge accommodation, you will get twin sharing room with outside toilet and extra shower cost. One shower costs between USD 5-7 on the Everest Base Camp Trekking Trail.

Food and Drinks Cost

You will have your meals at the local lodge with a menu designed by the local lodge owners with the cost mentioned in it. Normally, the food items like rice, curry, egg, bread, noodle, dumpling, pizza, macaroni, Tibetan bread and local food items like Sherpa cuisines are available on the trail. The cost of every item of food and drink is mentioned in the menu and you will make the choices accordingly.

One item of drink  like Coca-Cola, sprite, fanta, mirinda and lemonade cost between USD 3-5 and the lemon tea, hot water, coffee milk and black tea cost ranges between USD 2-5.

Similarly, one item of food costs between USD 2-8 on the Everest Short Trekking Trail. It means, if you are having one item of food, then, you are making the payment of minimum USD 3-4 in average. Make up your mind like this and prepare your Everest Base Camp Trek Cost/ budget accordingly. f you want to go with Everest Base Camp Budget Trek, then, the cost will be lower relatively. 

Trekking Permits Costs

The trekkers who are doing Everest Short Trek require collecting two different trekking permits from Kathmandu and the third one on the way to enter into Khumbu region/ Everest region from the local government office located in Everest region.

You can collect Trekking Information Management System Card ( TIMS Card) and Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit from the office of Nepal tourism located in Kathmandu. Your travel partner/trekking partner will arrange all these two required permits for your Everest Base Camp Trek beforehand the trek begins. And, the one permits that is Khumbu Local Area Entry Permit is obtained on the way to Everest Base Camp on your own or your guide will help you obtaining this one.

The Cost of TIMS Card is Rs.2000 and Sagarmatha National Parkt Entry Permit is Rs. 3000 and local are entry permit of Khumbu region is Rs. 2000. The total cost of all three Everest Base Camp Short Trek Permit cost is Rs. 7000.

 Guide and Porter Cost

You require hiring Guide and porter for your Everest Base Camp Short Trek if you think that you feel stressful to carry your stuffs you require during the trip all the way up to Everest Base Camp and back. Actually, majority of trekkers hire guide and porter to make their Everest Base Camp Short Trek more comfortable and less strenuous. The guide and porter will help you in every step of your walk to and from EBC.

Actually, the cost of the guide for ebc short trek per day ranges between USD 30-45 and the cost of the porter ranges between USD 25-35. And, we suggest you to hire very professional and reliable guide and porter so that you can make your short ebc trek more memorable and convenient.

The cost of guide for 12 days ebc short trek costs USD 12x40= 480 and the porter cost will be like 12x 30=360. One guide can be shared by maximum 12 or 15 people and one porter can be shared by maximum 2 people and the eight limit that the porter carries is maximum 20kgs.

Transportation Cost

There are two ways of transportations for Everest Base Camp Short Trek. The one is by road and the other is by air. If you choose to fly, then you need to drive to Manthali, Ramechha in two peak trekking seasons ( Autumn and Spring) or you can directly fly to Lukla from Kathmandu. From hotel to airport drop costs Rs. 100 and the cost of Lukla from Kathmandu costs USD min 215 and if you drive to Manthali and then take the flight to Lukla it costs USD min 160. This cost is all one-way and if you want to pay it two-way, you need to pay double of it.

And if you choose to take all ground transportation from Kathmandu to Kathmandu, it is still possible but only during Autumn and Winter seasons as the country rough roads are spoiled by the rainfall in Spring and summer. The jeep drive can be taken from Kathmandu to Bupsa or Surke or Thamedanda in winter and Autumn and the road condition is not good in fact. But, still you can avoid Lukla flight which is mostly disturbed and postponed due to bad weather condition.  
The cost of sharing jeep cost from Kathmandu to Salleri is Rs. 2500 and from Salleri to Thamedanda or Surke is Rs. 1500 and the same cost is charged while returning back. This way by taking the jeep ride to Surke from Kathmandu makes your Everest Base Camp Trek economical and less problematic rather than going with Lukla flight which is usually disturbed. 

Extra Costs

There are some extra costs that you may have to do during your short trek to Everest. The extra costs like some donations, shopping souvenirs, tips for porter and guide and drinks costs. Also, sometimes, you may have to spend some extra money on some trekking equipment, medicine and clothing as well if you encounter with some sudden problems on the trail.

It depends on how much money should be allocated for extras. Actually, it ups to you how much money is to be given to the guide and porter as a tip. Normally, USD 5 is to be allocated for guide and porter per day as a tip. This is just a guideline as they will really work hard to make your everest base camp short trek more exciting and more memorable too. However,   it’s your own hands how much is to be given to the porter and guide as a tip or not to give them any amount. But, at least, giving some will be far better than not giving any.

Regarding some tiny donations like for construction of trekking trail, construction of school, helping some needy people with some money during your short everest base camp trek  will be a memory to be remembered and a matter of satisfaction that makes you happy. You can donate like USD 5-10 or may be maximum of $20. Be careful about the frauds and they may take advantage of your donation.

You may love having drinks like alcohol, extra drinks like hot chocolate, coca cola and other kinds. A beer costs between USD 5-10 on Everest short trekking trail. And, a coca cola costs between USD 2-5 and other drinks costs ranges between USD 2-6 on short Everest trek and hopefully you will manage the budget for extras while doing Everest Base Camp Short Trek.

You may love buying some souvenirs and clothing on the Short trek to Everest base camp as a memento or to gift someone else. You may like to get the items like shawl, bracelet, key rings, thanka, singing bowl and many other precious things that are found on the Everest Base Camp Short Trekking trail. So, you should have some spare money to get these things as well if you love them to collect during travelling.

Also, you, sometimes, may have to get the new piece of trekking equipment like clothing, trekking poles and boots in case the boots or any other trekking equipment is not working properly at higher elevation in your Short Trek to ebc. So, you need to think about it as well and need to have some spare budget for it. And the last but not the least is the rescue cost in case you get the high-altitude sickness in the mountain while ascending up to ebc. This is your life an for this you must have travel insurance that covers your whole rescue and the medical treatment. Before making a trip to Nepal, you must know the things 

Everest Base Camp Short Trek Actual Cost

By deducting all the particular costs from all indicators like the cost of trekking permits, the cost of foods and accommodation, cost of guide and porter, transportation cost and extras, the actual cost of Everest Base Camp Short Trek ranges between USD 1200-1300 according to the trekking company and the services you want on the trip. If you want a luxury Everest Base Camp Short Trek, the cost will be like USD 1600-1800. 

 Some Everest Base Camp Short Trek FAQs Replied

What is the shortest trek to Everest Base Camp?

The shortest Trek to Everest Base Camp is 12 days Everest Base Camp Short Trek. This 12 days Everest Base Camp Short Trek is fully designed for the walk all the way to Ebc and back to Lukla and Kathmandu. But some people, these days, love flying back to Lukla or directly to Kathmandu from Kalapatthar or Everest Base Camp while returning. So, if people/trekkers are planning their Everest Short Trek with helicopter return from Kalapatthar/Everest Base Camp, the shortest trek to Everest Base Camp is 10 days EBC trek with helicopter return. If you use helicopter fly from Kalapatthar/Everest Base Camp, you don’t need to walk down to Lukla along the some trail. But, if you follow 12 days Everest Base Camp Short Trek itinerary, you have to walk down along the same trail to Lukla and back to Kathmandu.  

What is the fastest trek to Everest Base Camp?

The fastest trek to Everest Base Camp is 10 days Everest Base Camp Trek with helicopter return/ fly out. You can reach Everest Base Camp in 8 days: fly to Lukla and trek to Phakding, Trek to Namche Bazaar, acclimatization, trek to Tengboche and trek to Dingboche and acclimatization, trek to Lobuche, Trek to Everest Base and trek back to Gorekhshep and the next day fly back to Lukla by helicopter and take another regular flight by plane to Kathmandu from Lukla. So, this is total 10 days from Kathmandu to Ebc and back.

But if you want to walk all the way to Ebc and back to Lukla and then fly to Kathmandu, it takes minimum 12 days to go EBC and return back to Kathmandu via Lukla. You can reach or walk to Ebc in 8 days and it takes 2 days to come down to Lukla and two other days for arrival and departure. So, the fastest trek to Everest Base Camp Trek is 12 days Everest Base Camp Trek.

quickly to EBC without proper acclimatization( 2 days acclimatization: one at Namche Bazaar and the other at Dingboche) as the trek takes you above 5000m and it is very risky to ascend a

Actually, it is not recommended to go to Everest without sufficient acclimatization and prior trekking experiences and preparations including reliable trekking equipment. 

How much does it cost to trek to Everest?

The cost of trek to Everest ranges between USD 1050 to 1250 depending on the Ebc trek itinerary you go with. If you go with BB ( Bed and Breakfast) plan in your trip itinerary, the cost to trek to Everest ranges between 1050-1100 and if you choose to include the full board meal like breakfast, lunch and dinner with accommodation in Kathmandu and all round the trek, the cost to trek to Everest will range between USD 1250-1300. This cost includes all kind of trekking permits, the cost of hiring guide and porter, your all meals and accommodations all-round the trek, all ground and air transportation cost and the cost of guide and porter foods and accommodation and their insurance. So, at this cost, you only need to worry about your personal equipment and personal expenses.  

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