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Manaslu Circuit Trek Transportation Service Details

Manaslu Circuit Trek Transportation Service Details

Before one goes for a real trekking trip, he/she needs to learn details about how is the transportation service of the particular trekking route and how are the conditions of the road and the air/weather. Exactly, the same goes with Manaslu Circuit Trek. If you try to learn about it before the real trek commences, then, you will be able to conquer the trekking trip you are undertaking

Manaslu Circuit Trek Transportation service is entirely based on-road driving with either a public bus or private/sharing jeep. No luxury tourist bus services are available.

Those who are preparing or doing their Manaslu Circuit Trek need to know about transportation services and the condition of roadways from Kathmandu to Sotikhola/Machhakhola via Gorkha district headquarters or Dhading District Headquarters. The regular buses leave early in the morning from Kathmandu for Machhakhola through Arughat Bazaar passing through Gorkha Bazaar, a historical place from where King Prithvi Narayan Shah began the unification of great Nepal. But, if you want to book a sharing or private jeep for Machhakhola from Kathmandu, you can drive through Malekhu, Dhanding Bensi, the district headquarters of Dhading district. You can also get a night bus ride to Machhakhola from Kathmandu. If you are planning to leave Kathmandu at night for the next day’s formal trekking in the Manaslu region, you can still do it with a night bus to Machhakhola from Kathmandu.  

After you wrap up your trek at Dharapani, from where Annapurna Circuit Trek begins, you will use a different route/ road till you get to Dumre and then drive along the same Prithvi Highway passing through Mugling, Malekhu alongside Trishuli River. It means you are going to end your Manaslu Circuit Trek at a different destination and enjoy another new section of drive till you get to the main Prithvi Highway while getting back to Kathmandu after the trek ends.

Route Details 

There are two different routes to drive to Machhakhola/Sotikhola from Kathmandu. These two different routes are: Via Dhading Bensi or via Gorkha Bazaar. Actually, the route via Dhading Bazaar is quicker than the drive route via Gorkha Bazaar. And one more fact about Manaslu Circuit Trek Transportation is that if you are planning or booked taking jeep ride to Machhakhola or Jagat from Kathmandu via Sotikhoa, you will drive via Dhading Bensi which is more conevneient and samrter idea to escape the big traffic and get the destinations like Machhakhola or Jagat earlier. 

The Route Via Gorkha Bazaar

The regular buses for Machhakhola leave Kathmandu early in the morning like at 7 am. And, the bus passes Thankot and goes down to  Khanikhola and then to Naubise, then to Dharke. The bus drive will pass Gajuri and Malekhu and then Mugling. You will follow the Prithvi Highway alongside the Trishuli River till you get to Mungling. Trishuli River is very popular for white water rafting in Nepal and across the world.

You pass Mungligh and go to drive via Aanboo Khaireni and then drive up to Gorkha Bazaar. Gorkha is a historical city and a district with a massive palace and museums. You pass the main bazaar and drive through country landscapes with a beautiful view of Mt. Manaslu and Ganesh Himal till you get to Arughat Bazaar.

The bus drive will pass through Arughat Bazaar and head for Sotikhola and then to Machhakhola.  The total distance we cover in this drive is 162km. Arrive at Machhakhola enjoy local lodge accommodation and prepare for your next day’s Manaslu Circuit Trek

The bus fare from Kathmandu to Machhakhola via Gorkha Bazaar is Rs. 1000 covering 162km and spending more than 10 hours with local sharing bus. If you want to book the private jeep for Machhakhola from Kathmandu, it costs USD 250-300 depending on trekking seasons. They charge little more amount during the peak trekking seasons like Autumn( Sept-Nov) and Spring ( Mar-May) and charge little less in off seasons like Winter ( Dec-Jan) and Rainy( Jun-Aug).

You can also get night bus service as transportation for Manaslu Circuit Trek to Machhakhola from Kathmandu. The bus leaves between 7-8 am from Kathmandu and reaches Machhakhola at around 5-6 am in the morning and you can begin your trek the next day. You can search like night bus to Machhakhola from Kathmandu and its cost as well on the Google. You will easily get it.

Manaslu Circuit Transpiration Cost is one of the determining factors for Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost. If you are literally planning and thinking of doing this trek in your favorable time frame with best weathers of the years like Autumn( Sep-Nov) or Spring ( Mar-May), you need to have a very reliable and deeper knowledge and information about Manaslu Circuit Trek Cost Details beforehand you venture onto the Manaslu Circuit Trekking Trail. 

The Route Via Dhanding Bensi

You can drive to Machhakhola from Kathmandu via Dhanding Bensi, the district headquarter of Dhading district, for your Manaslu Circuit Trek. If you follow this route, it takes fewer hours than you drive via Gorkha Bazaar because the distance you cover is only 135 km and it takes around 8-9 hours. But, you cannot get public buses or sharing buses on this route, instead, you have to go with the only option that is private jeep.

If you follow this route to drive to Machhakhola from Kahtmandu, you will pass Thankot and then drive down to Khanikhola and then to Naubise. You pass through Gajuri and cross the bridge over Trishuli river 

Also, take some glimpses of Manaslu Circuit Trek Itinerary Details while you are planning your Manaslu Circuit Trek as it is a challenging trek and you can triumph over it provided that you explore plenty of details about it before you board on the trail. 

After you cross the bridge over Trishuli River, you will head for Dhading Bensi, the district headquarter and after that you will climb hillside up to Jyamire Bhanjyang and down to Aankho Khola. You cross the bridge over Aankho Khola and head for Salyantar and Arughat. After you cross the Arughat Bazaar, you will drive for Sotikhola and Machhakhola. This route from Dahding Bensi is shorter and quicker than the route via Gorkha Bazaar. 

However, you cannot get the direct bus via Dhading Bensi to Machhakhola and Sotikhola. But, you still have two options: hiring private jeep/sharing jeep and bus drive up to Arughat and switch another bus for Machhakhola. These two ways will be very effective and reliable for your as transportation for Manaslu Circuit Trek.  Actually, bus ride or jeep ride for Manaslu Circuit Trek via Gorkha Bazaar tends to be longer and more tiring than via Dhading Bensi. 

The buses for Arughat from Kathmandu are in good conditions and the roadways are also more convenient too. 

The bus fare from Kathmandu to Arughat costs Rs.750 and another drive to Machhakhola costs Rs. 250 and the direct jeep for Machhakhola from Kathmandu costs Rs.12000. One jeep can be shared by 7-8 people and the total costs will be divisible to all individual. 

Kathmandu to Machhakhola/Sotikhola Bus/Jeep Fare 

Kathmandu to Machhakhola/Sotikhola Bus/ Jeep Fare depends on how fast you want to go to the trailhead of Manaslu Circuit Trek. But, the bus ride costs same price per individual. One seat for regular public bus ticket booking requires Rs. 1000 via Gorkha Bazzar. If you go with the bus ride via Dhading Bensi, it costs only Rs. 750 per individual up to Arughat . If you use this bus ride to Arughat Bazaar via Dhading Bensi, you need to switch another bus for Machhakhola and it further costs Rs. 250-300. 

One requires booking the seat or ticket for Machhakhola a day earlier so that you can get the bus conveniently without any hurdles. The bus for Sotikhola/Machhakhola or Arughat leaves from Machhapokhari, New Buspark and if you are staying in Thamel, it is a 20 minutes walk or 10-15 minutes drive in a taxi or car. Even, you can get public bus to get New Buspark from Thamel. For public bus ride to get Machhapokhari from Thamel, it costs only Rs.20 per individual.


If you want to go Machhakhola/Sotikhola from Kathmandu at night, you can catch night bus to Machhakhola via Gorkha Bazaar from Kathmandu and commence the Manaslu Circuit Trek next day. 

But, the jeep ride is different from local bus ride to Sotikhola/Machhakhola from Kathmandu. The sharing or private jeep costs Rs. 1500-2000 per person. If you want a private jeep without sharing with other people, you require paying total cost like Rs. 12000 for Machhakhola from Kathmandu. Or, if you are in group, you can share the total cost Rs. 12000 and it costs Rs. 1500. Actually, if you do this, it will be economical for you. 

You can take a jeep ride for Machhakhola from Kathmandu whenever you want according to your time schedule. Just make sure that you are going with private jeep ride or sharing to Machhakhola from Kathmandu. 

Dharapani to Kathmandu Jeep Ride 

While returning from Manaslu Circuit Trek, you can take a jeep ride directly for Kathmandu from Dharapani. You can go either with private or sharing jeep ride for Kathmandu from Dharapani. Or, you can even choose to take jeep ride only up to Besisahar and can take bus ride for Kathmandu. For sharing jeep from Dharapani to Kathmandu, one requires paying Rs. 1500 per individual and if you want a private jeep for you and fro your group, the jeep costs Rs. 12000 for Kathmandu. It depends on you which one do you like to go with. One jeep from Dharapani to Kathmandu can be shared by maximum 8 people. This jeep ride will be very convenient and quicker to get back to Kathmandu from Dharapani after you end your Manaslu Circuit Trek. 

One important information to you that is: you sometimes, can get heavy truck to load heavy stuffs from Jagat to Besisahar. In case, you feel sick and you cannot carry the stuffs you are carrying, you can go with truck ride as well till you get the bust or jeep at Dharapani or Besisahar. 

Bus from Besisahar for Kathmandu  

One can get regular bus services from Besisahar to Kathmandu when you end the Manaslu Circuit Trek. The bus from Besishar to Kathmandu leaves every half an hour. You can get two types bus services: micro bus and bigger bus. Even the bigger buses have two kinds of facilities like: AC and Non-AC. If you choose to take micro bus which is Non-AC, it costs Rs.750 for one seat per individual and if you go with local bus Non-AC, you have to pay the same cost Rs.750 but if you want to go with AC bus from Besishar for Kathmandu, it costs Rs.1000. Actually, AC buses are definitely more luxurious and convenient for travelling to Kathmandu from Besishaar. It takes around 6 hours to get Kathmandu from Besishar. Besisahar  is the ending point of Manaslu Circuit Trek and the beginning point of Annapurna Circuit Trek. 

Private Car for Kathmandu from Besisahar 

You can get private car for Kathmandu from BEsishahar easily if you want it. Even your travel company or your trekking leader can arrange it for you. You are tired after you wrap up your Manaslu Circuit Trek at Besishar and want a private AC car for Kathmandu, you can enjoy the drive with full of luxury. 

In order to hire a private car for Kathmandu from Besisahar, you need to pay Rs. 10000-12000 depending on time. For example, if you are travelling in Nighttime, you may have to pay more like Rs.12000 and if you are travelling freely in daytime, then, the private car costs Rs. 10000.  If you are 3-4 people, you can share the cost or you as an individual, you can book it privately. Hiring private car for Kathmandu from Besishar will be the most convenient and quickest way to get Kathmandu from Besisahar. 

Final Words 

While going to the trailhead of Manaslu Circuit Trek, Machhakhola, you have two options for transportation: jeep and bus and while returning from the trek, you have three options: private car, jeep and bus for Kathmandu from Besishar and you can get jeep for Besisahar from Jagat. 

If you want a very comprehensive information about Manaslu Circuit Trek, then, you can peruse our another interesting article on " Manaslu Circuit Trek- A Complete Trekkers' Guide".  Reading this article and have authentic information about Manaslu Trek is one of the must do activities beforehand the trek in order to make it more accomplished, memorable and convenient. 

The bus travels are cheaper but more time consuming and the jeep and car drive are more luxurious and quicker. At the same time, the bus ride is cheaper and other private jeep or car are more expensive. Therefore, it ups to you which one you prefer.  

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